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Graze Durango

Mobile Charcuterie and Cockail Hour Options

At Graze Durango we want to bring an elevated, and new  experience to your next event. We specialize in grazing tables and boards, cold appetizers, and our new mobile, individual charcuterie board bar. 




How does it work?

We come to your event and set up a charcuterie bar. Our staff will help each guest choose and fill their plate with our amazing charcuterie. We will provide 2 hours of service.


*Additional hours can be added.


What is included?

Included in our standard charcuterie bar:

  • 3 cheeses & 1 meat or 2 cheeses & 2 meats

  • 5 accompaniments

  • Jam or Honey

  • Crackers

  • Service for 2 hours


Upgrades and other info

  • Upgrade from disposable plates to individual mini boards for each guest

  • Add additional hours

  • Special ingredient requests

  • Fully customizable experience

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